Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mind Control-Not Just for Jedis Any More!

I have infiltrated a local T.V. station in the inessential  town of Sacramento Ca. ( Its not Australia, but its a start)  These pathetic fools have fallen pray to my awesomeness,  They cower at the mere mention of my name! And now tomorrow they will hand over the broadcast of the local morning show to ME The Purple Nightmare, Evil Genius, Esquire, graduate of The Professor Menace Correspondence School of Malintent and member of the Evil League of Evil and now future star of Good Day Sacramento.These fools actually invited me to be the show! As if I would stop there!  They have handed me the keys to their doom! 
In preparation of this take over, I have had my minions working day and night to finish Hydro-graymatter control amplifying cone to hook up to the news feed. If successful the viewers of Good Day Sacramento will soon be under my power. 
 This would good time to send a shout out to Minion K. He has collapsed in exhaustion for all of his hard work on this project, but I don’t do those sort of things. Minion K has 20 minutes to get back to work or he shall feel my wrath. 

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