Sunday, April 29, 2012

Can Studliness Actually be a Power?

Why didn’t I think of this before? I have been such a fool! I am not suffering from some unforeseen after effects of a man made secret weapon. The man’s name is Super Stud. This must be part of his super power. All of the day dreaming and swooning, I can admit it now, there was a slight bit of swooning. But only a tiny, minuscule amount of swooning, not really a full on swoon but a mini swoon , a swo, if you will.  It’s his super power!  I cannot believe with all of my super genius I missed it!

This may be why I have not been able to figure out how he beat me. It is possible that he does not have an actual weapon at all, I may have been distracted by that overwhelming and sudden delirium of giddiness and it allowed him to get the upper hand.

If my hypothesis is correct then, it means I will need to work on  ways to deflect his effect on me. I wonder if it is a form of telepathic attack. If so then I should be able to use technology and wire a protective helmet like that of Magneto’s.  I called Mag today and he has promised to fax over the schematics. He guaranteed me that it will work on all super human energy manipulation on the telepathic scale.

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  1. Wow! Why have I not "liked" your page before now??????
    -Liberty (un-super hero)