Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Am Full of Purple Confusion

I find I am not sleeping very well after my run in with Super Stud. I cannot account for the exact reason why, other then I am deeply disturbed by this new weapon. I am still suffering from the residual effects and it has been several days.

 It haunts my nights. I keep replaying it over and over again in my mind. I have come to the conclusion something truly horrible must have happened and my brain, unable to process the event, blacked out the worst of it.  Every time I close my eyes I see his face barreling towards mine. Only I still see it in that same surreal slow motion I experienced the very first time.

 Now that I am more clear headed, for the most part, I find that I can analyze our encounter better.  I have spent several hours thinking of nothing else. I can clearly see the look in his eyes. That look of awe and surrender.  He knew he was beat. I can also see the brief flashes of confusion and uncertainty that burned in his studly features. I can only assume that the shame of his impending doom was too much for him to take, because he closed his eyes just as, the veil of darkness descended upon me.   

 It’s this confusion, and shame I cannot attest too. If at that moment he knew that he was going to lose, and yet he had such a powerful weapon at his disposal, I can only hypothesize that maybe the weapon was untested and he was unsure it would work. His success over me may have been nothing more than just blind luck.

What is even more disturbing is the warm fuzzy, almost giddy like feeling that reliving these memories stir. It’s enough to make me lose my lunch. Earlier this morning I giggled. ME!!! The Purple Nightmare, terror of the night, giggled.  I have never giggled in my life. I was not even aware such a sick twisted sound was capable of forming in my body. It was enough to send the minions scattering. Even now they watch me with untrusting sidelong glances and flinch with my every movement.  

  Many years ago I toyed with a Disorienting impression materializationer It was designed to render my victims confused. Up would become down and left would then be right. But ultimately it was ineffective. I was unable to concentrate the effects to a centralized beam. The circumference of the influence distribution was too large and I found myself also trapped within the bubble of confusion. Luckily the effects were temporary and because I was aware of what was going on, I was able to make a clean escape. 

 I am wondering if this new weapon works along those same principles, only changes emotions.  If he has figured out a way to distort human emotions and make the effect lasting, he would prove to be a worthy adversary indeed. Not to mention it brings into question his Hero’s code of morality. Most Hero types feel that tinkering with emotions is to dark and should not be attempted by using outside instruments. They prefer old fashion manipulation and trickery to do that.  I wonder if he can be persuaded to work with me and not against me. 

Before I can do anything I must first reclaim the Polarized subspace collider needed for the Purple Haze of Fury generator. My spies tell me that he has returned it to Foster labs once again.  They also discovered that Foster Labs has retained Super Stud’s protective services as well as Captain Cools.  So I may be able to kill two birds with one stone, as they say.  Get the Polarizer subspace collider and get a 2nd look at this secret weapon. Now that I know what to expect I am sure I can avoid it.  

Even if I am hit with it again, I am curious to see if a 2nd hit would set my sensory receptors back on track.  Warm and fuzzy giggling is for kittens and puppies and is more suited for Catastrophic then me.  If these symptoms continue I may have to talk to her and get her advice on the proper treatment to squash them.