Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Day Purple Nightmare!

Yesterday’s invasion of the puny Sacramento morning show Good Day Sacramento was a complete success. Not only did I dominate the screen, the Hydro-Graymatter control amplifying cone was successfully hooked up to their news feed and only awaits my order to turn it on. I also arranged for two of my M.O.Ms (minions of the month) to meet a legend among lackeys, Allan Sanchez, the Good Day crews head flunky, making me a sure win for this year’s Grovelers Globe’s Villain of The Year. I mean I am a big fan of Magneto and all, but 3 years in a row! COME ON! Does he even serve Pizza on Fridays? No!

 I have to say I like that Cody Stark. He has a soft and playable mind, like silly putty, and he has a healthy curiosity of evil etiquette. I feel he is like Cat and a victim of the goodie- goodie-let’s- all- hold-hands-and-sing-happy-songs environment of the show he is on. Amy his co- host is bubbly doe eyed saccharin sweet provocateur of goodness. I am sure she is an operative for the other side sent to keep Cody on the straight and narrow. I suspect she hides a box of kittens under her desk, she is just that type. Poor Cody does not have a chance. For this, Amy has earned a place on my Wall of Hate (for that and all the smack talk she gave out before the show. I don’t take kindly to smack talk)

 I have decided to take Cody under my wing and am currently looking into making him a possible scholarship student at the Menace Correspondence School of Malintent. The courses have done wonders for Catastrophic’s anger development. Currently Professor Menace is not taking any new students so this may take some time. In the meantime I will have to follow Cody’s progress closely. Now all I have to do is flip the switch to the Hydro-Graymatter control amplifying cone and all of the Good Day viewers will become mindless servants to my every whim. (Maybe this way I can finally get a decent cup of coffee, henchmen are always too heavy handed with the hazelnut).

But first I must figure out a way to deflect Super Studs power of studdliness. I had to make some alterations to the plans Mag Sent over, the helmet is almost done.

Part one of me on the show
Part 2 of me on the show

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