Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Much for Christmas Down Under!

Several of my minions, including the most loyal, Minion X, are now in custody thanks to the new hero, Super Stud. More like Super Dud if you ask me. He has put the production of the Gamma Utility Nanite Sphere or the G.U.N.S way behind schedule.  Three jobs this week alone have been stopped by him. And yet my spies have not been able to produce any useful information other then he has a lovely pair of eyes.  Like that is helpful!
When I said I wanted a new challenge I meant I wanted to have to come up with some new insults and ways to make a grown man cry. Not to have my whole timeline thrown into disarray. At this rate there will be no way I can achieve my goal to own Australia by Christmas. Not without the G.U.N.S!
I have not had a week go this bad since the time I had mono and I had a bad reaction to the medication the doctor gave me. I knew better but I was in a hurry to complete the Atmospheric Sequencer Simulation. I tried to pull a brake-in on Foster Labs, but I was so drugged up I might as well have been sleep walking.  Captain Cool got his one and only victory over me that night. It’s been 3 years and that fool still brings it up every time we fight! 
 I think Cat or as she likes to be called, Catastrophic could tell I was in need of a victory, over something, anything, no matter how small.  She’s a good friend. Unfortunately for me her idea of cheering me up is to make me go out with her on her quest to steal people’s reserved parking spaces. She promised that the exercise would be, at the very least, entertaining.  
Parking in reserved parking spaces and then hiding in the bushes to watch the owner of that space flip out is not what I would call, evil or genius. But I will give her that it did prove to be therapeutic. Watching Captain Cool’s reaction as he tried to park for the Hero’s Luncheon at the Mayor’s historic mansion was most entertaining.   Silly me, here I thought the key to Captain Cools downfall was combat. As it turns out all you have to do is make him walk.
Cat, in her perpetually sickening need to be optimistic, tried to give me a pep talk.  She says I should look at this as a blessing. That I have grown comfortable and lazy with Captain Cool’s incompetence. This new hero will force me to raise my game. I am not sure if this is true wisdom on her behalf or just a byproduct of her goodie-goodie superhero up bringing. It’s hard to tell. Having both parents and all four of her brothers as tights wielding weirdoes with egos to match, plus one of her uncles is a member of the Justice League has to infect one’s prospective of life. I mean her idea of an evening of mayhem is parking in reserved parking spots and throwing an occasional cat in a tree. Is it any wonder her family thinks her malfeasance is nothing more than a rebellious phase?
 And yet her words haunt me. Could she be right?  Have I THE PURPLE NIGHTMARE evil genius, esquire and member of the E.L.E grown lazy?

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  1. I have a question? I have a few "reserved Parking spaces under my bed, should I return them? LOL