Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finally Face to Face with Super Stud!

I had my first face to face run in with Super Stud today.  And my spies were right he does have lovely eyes. It seems that I have under estimated his skills. He has a secret weapon I was not prepared for. It’s like a stunning ray or a semi- paralyzing beam that leaves its victim helpless and dumb for a few moments.  It took me completely by surprise. I hate to admit that I did not even see where he had the weapon hidden or how he managed to pull it out and use it on me so quickly.

All I remember is that we were fighting. I was winning, this I know because why else would he be forced to pull out a weapon that powerful if he had the upper hand? The very fact he had to use it in the first place shows my superior skills in combat over his.

 We were exchanging the normal piffy banter one expects when engaged in hand-to-hand combat. It is one of their tricks. What they are hoping is that if they get us talking we will start monologue. It was the usual:
“Prepare for your doom, for I am the Purple Nightmare!”
“Wait, you are the purple nightmare?”
“Were you expecting someone else?”
“No, not exactly…. well maybe. Someone a little more, I don’t know, nightmarish…and brunette. You have to admit the name congers up a cretin image.”
“Well I was expecting Ewan McGregor, Super Stud; we don’t always get what we want! Are you prepared to face my rage and to tremble in my greatness?”
“Ewan McGregor? That’s your idea of studly? I would have had you pegged for the Dwayne The Rock Johnson type, maybe a Taylor Lautner. Defiantly not an Ewan McGregor.  Do you mind explaining why?
“What is this an interview or a fight?  What does it matter? I love his accent, He can sing, ok? He’s hot. Some girls prefer a guy who has talent, to those who rest on just their looks, Super Stud.   Now are you prepared to meet your doom or would you like to ask about my childhood pets?"
“Either way you do not scare me, Nightmare.”
“You will quake with fear once you have experienced my full wrath! Long after today you will dream of me and wake begging for your mother.”
He then raised one of his eyebrows at me and said with an insolent tone “I find you intriguing Nightmare. Not at all what I expected. If I do dream of you, it’s not my mother is who I will be calling for when I wake.”

 That’s when I connected a roundhouse kick to his head. He recovered quicker than I expected which is impressive, but I caught the wonderment that flickered in his eyes.  You can always tell when you are about to throw the winning blow in a battle, because something like awe washes across their features that very second they know they have been beaten by true greatness. His was most satisfying. His eyes are the color of summer meadow after a storm and they flashed with a tawny fire of admiration. The little chocolate flecks that rim those hazel orbs sparkled with defeat.  Even the corner of his mouth, which is perfectly shaped by the way, a little bottom heavy and a tiny bit of a crooked slant, that gives it that rakish quality, twitched up just for a moment.    ~* Sigh*~ Have you ever noticed, how on some people paralyzing fear looks a lot like mockery?

  I will admit I was a little distracted, but that was only because he came to the conclusion he had lost so quickly.  I was prepared to battle a lot longer than just a few blows. He must be very bad at hand-to-hand combat, although he hid it well.  I did not see any fatal flaws in his form. Not at all like I do when I face Captain Cool.  Frankly I thought his fighting skills matched my own, and I was pleased to finally have a challenger worthy of my efforts. After the first few blows I had settled with the idea this was going to be a long battle.  So it is understandable that, when that look formed in his eyes, the one that said “I give up! I have met my match.”  It threw me off center and before I had a chance to realize my mistake he had trapped the sides of my face with both his hands and his head started coming towards mine. This is where things start to get a little hazy.

I am sure he head-butted me here. That would explain the confusion and the dream like haze I haven’t been able to shake all day.  It would also help explain why I never saw the weapon he ultimately used against me. But in my mind I see it in slow motion, (it must be a side effect of the weapon) just as his face closed in on mine the world closed in on me.

It was like a veil slowly descending into darkness, until it engulfed me. I never felt the pain of impact. I guess I should be grateful for that much. In fact what I felt was more like the opposite of pain. It was a warm brush of something soft and heated. That’s when the tingling started. My pulse raced and the darken world I was trapped in, started to spin. The sensation that had started at my face worked its way down my spine and then swam circles in my stomach, making it flip over and over again. My arms involuntarily went completely limp and my knees almost gave way.

What little will I had left yielded to the sensation despite my best effort to keep things under control.  And then as quickly as it came the intense warmth left, and the darken veil lifted as if I was opening my eyes slowly. But the sensation of surrender, however lingered far too long. By the time I was able to get my wits about me he was gone and so was the Polarized subspace collider I had just stolen.

  Scientifically speaking it was not all together a bad feeling, just jarring and a little shocking I was taken so off guard.  Being the scientist that I am, I would not mind being hit with that weapon again…strictly for research mind you, and in a controlled environment. It would be the best way to figure out what this weapon is, how to deflect it next time, and more importantly how to recreate it as a weapon of my own! 

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