Saturday, June 9, 2012

The danger of a Fashion Flop and a Varmint Flinger.

 Well, so much for that big dumb Idea!  Not only did Magneto’s stupid helmet not work,  Super Stud laughed at me! He asked if I was using the same fashion consultant as Captain Cool. Sure it didn’t look as good as Mag’s, but I don’t possess the power to manipulate metal like he does.  I had to make do with an old bike helmet. That’s no reason to be mean and compare me to Captain Tool.  

The principles of the helmet were solid and it should have worked.The fact that I got hit with the weapon again, just like before, proved that theory wrong! 

I am too close to the problem to figure it out logically. I need to see it from another point of view. Cat has agreed to put her self in harms way. We are going to use her as bate.  

I know what you are thinking The woman throws cats into trees, how potent can she be?  That is the beauty of the plan. Cat has 4 amoral super jerks for brothers who used her to practice their fighting skill.  I am good but she can kick my butt 7 ways from Sunday blindfolded and with one hand tied behind her back.( when she is mad that is.)   If Super Stud felt out manned fighting me, he would be way over his head facing her. So the use of the secret weapon is certain.  I will be hiding in the bushes ready to capture it all on camera for research. 

 I have not told her the full extent of my suffering. She is not aware of the dreams, the night sweats the uncontrollable need to wear lip gloss and make sure my cape is ironed before I leave the house. I feel conflicted about not telling her, she is doing me a huge favor. But at the same time,  I need her to have as little information on the affect this sensory distortion has, so not to taint my findings. I don’t want to plant subliminal suggested seeds of possible symptoms. Kind of how like when you are watching t.v. and a commercial for restless leg symptoms comes on and next thing you know is you are up all night with an uncontrollable need to move your legs. You don’t really have restless leg you are just a victim of a subliminal suggestion seeds of a possible symptoms. 

Its for science.     

She is a good friend she will understand. 

I hope.

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