Sunday, August 5, 2012

The City Council Meeting

I love our City Council meetings! I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening. Every week it’s the same thing, the first half of the meeting they spend discussing what new and dangerous items are being developed or are going to be shipped through town, and how they plan to protect them. They talk about which hero will be where, and what new kinds of security systems they have installed. It’s like watching the home shopping network and the DIY channel at the same time. All my choices are neatly laid out in front of me and then they give me a step by step brake down of all of the obstacles I would face should I choose to go after one of those options. Who needs a vast network of spies when all you have to do is hit the city council meeting twice a month?

And as if that is not entertaining enough, the last half of the meeting is usually spent discussing what they like to call their “villain problem”, in other words, ME!

Normally Captain Cool presides over this portion of the meeting. Which only adds to the entrainment value. He answers questions from concerned citizens, takes credit for things he did not do and lays out his latest formula on how he plans to defeat me.   Throw in some popcorn and ice cream and you are looking at an all-around fun filled night out.

 The last few weeks have left me drained, and I was in desperate need of a good laugh. So Cat and I put on our civilian costumes, grabbed a few snacks and headed for the meeting.  We like to sit in the empty seats towards the back of the room. This way, when we snicker at Captain Tool we look more like adoring fans then mocking adversaries. However this evening it was clear seating was going to be an issue.  The room was jam packed with blue-haired old bitties in support hoes. We were forced to take seats in the front. Which meant we would be that much closer to Captain Cool and his Ax Body spray fog of repulsion, but it also meant he was with in Milk Dud tossing range, so it was all good.

The whole room buzzed, like a hive of busy-body-bee at a neighborhood picnic. It was impossible to hear what brought all of these women out during prime-time. Weren’t they all in danger of missing the Dancing With the Starts result show?  Something big was going on. 

Cat and I were so busy speculating with each other on what would bring so many vintage victoria's out in such a large mass as this, I didn’t see him until he took the seat next to me. Super Stud in all his costume glory was sitting right next to me!

 My first feeling was that of relief. The fact I did not notice him until I heard that husky musical voice of his say, ”Good evening Ladies is this seat taken?”  meant he did not have an allurement aura that over powers any victim that happens to get within its energy field. This coupled with him having no effect on Cat means the chances that this distorted impression thing being a super power is highly unlikely.  Had is powers been aura generated I would have felt him, long before I saw him. This is good news, this means he must have used a manmade weapon on me, if that is the case it is only a matter of time before I find the formula to counter act the effects.

My second feeling was that of crushing disappointment. He smiled and all my hopes of a man made reversible device melted in a pool of despair that surprisingly felt a lot like desire. No man made device could cause that kind of reaction. Maybe it was some kind of Poisson.  My heart started to flutter in panic. I lost the ability to speak.  And when our eyes met, I thought I saw recognition flash in his mocha flecked green orbs.  I knew I was panicking, there was no way he could recognize me. But he flashed me that impetuous smile of his and I almost fainted. Thank God the meeting was called into order at that very moment.
I was so busy trying to communicate my panic to Cat, through silence yet expressive facial expressions that I missed the first topic of the evenings meeting. It was not until Super Stud stood up and said. “Excuse me respected Counsel Members, I know I am new here, but I wonder if you think it is wise for us to discuss such sensitive information in a public forum for all to hear? This city does have a super villain problem.” This time it was unyielding rage that stole my voice from me. Cat put her hand on my knee to remind me I was in my civilian dress and could not risk exposure or I would have killed him on the spot.

Luckily Councilman Balling is a pompous man and does not take constructive criticism well. He laughed and said, “Look around Super Stud do you see any Evil geniuses in this room? We are perfectly safe. But I thank you for your concern.” I swear Super Studs eyes shifted towards me at that moment and I thought I saw him wink. It all happened so fast and I was trying not to hyperventilate so I cannot be sure.
I better hire some new spies; now that the suggestion has been made it may be only a matter of time before that buffoon Balling thinks it’s his idea to curb the free flow of information. See if I vote for him again.

Just then one of the little old dames jumped to her feet and yelled, “I would like to know what the city is doing about that evil fiend Catastrophic?” I think Cat almost fell out of her chair she was so delighted. No one had ever called her a fiend before. Let alone high jacked the City Council meeting because of her.

“Is that the one who throws cats into trees? She is nothing but an adolescent prankster. She is nothing to concern yourselves with.”Boomed Balling.

“She threw my poor Sr. Wellington-Archibald Fluffy Bottom the third into a tree last week it took three hours to get him down!  Something has to be done!” shouted another gray haired lady behind us who also jumped to her feet and waved a photo of a gray and white smash faced cat in a lace bonnet around. A mummer of angry grannies filled the room.

“Ladies, Ladies” Balling had to bang his gavel several times to bring the room back in order.   “We do not have the resources to allocate defending cats from a childish prankster. Our money is better spent fighting the Nightmare!”

Now normally I would get a kick out of such a comment, but the hurt look on Cats face broke my heart. She really is trying so hard, to have the counsel dismiss her in such a way had to sting. For the second time that night my rage threatened to overpower me.

“Esteemed Counsel members if I may,” Once again Super Stud stood and addressed the counsel and of course  the a/c picked that moment to kick on and his cape waved majestically as he stood adding to his hero quality. I think several of the grannies sighed at the sight,  ( I know I did ) “I have face Catastrophic in person and  I think it would be unwise to underestimate this problem. It seems to me that cat tossing is a gateway crime. It may be only a matter of time before this villain moves on to harder things. She is not as docile as she seems. We do not want to be caught unprepared. I suggest we create a small task force to address this issue.” Cat jumped to her feet and started to clap, luckily she was in the right crowed and did not blow her cover because all of the gray haired cat lovers erupted in to applause at the same time. Photos of overdressed cats were thrown in the air.

“Very well someone call Aaron and let him know he is the new Catastrophic task force.” Cat was buzzing with excitement for the rest of the meeting. I however, couldn't wait for it to end. I was in a painful quandary. Super Stud almost ruined my best source of information and for that he needed to be destroyed. At the very same time he gave my best friend the one thing she had been working so hard for, recognition. And despite my hatred for him my loyalty to Cat demanded I let him live….for now.

 To my great horror after the meeting Cat wanted to thank in him person. I told her this was not a good idea, but she said with all of the little old ladies thanking him, he would think they were just avid cat lovers and not the villains.  And her logic was sound. Except I still had not told her about the un natural power he had over me. Or the odd looks he had been giving me all night. “Come on!" she pleaded "Besides this will give you an opportunity to observe him in a way other than combat, maybe you can learn something you can use.” I hate it when she is right.

He greeted Cat graciously and allowed her to hug him. She actually wiped away tears of gratitude. There was something in his smile, a knowing glance that made we wonder if he knew who she was as well.  I find this possibility of astuteness in him dangerously alluring.  And before I could stop myself I was offering my hand to him. “ Our city is lucky to have you Super Stud.” I was shocked I didn’t choke on the words as they came out.  As he took my hand in his to shake it, a jolt of electricity shot through me, not enough to maim or even wound it was more slight then that. A chemical reaction on the cellular level. Defiantly a chemical reaction. I am not even sure he felt it. 

“Have we met before?” He asks while doing that smoldering thing with his eyes again. “I don’t think so.” I said trying to regain my hand. But he would not let it go. “No I am sure of it, we have met before.”

“In a dream, Maybe.” I said snidely, although Cat said it sounded more wispy, but it was snide I am sure. 

“Possibly,” He said and his eye brow rose up in that quirky way of his. “I have been plagued with the most pleasant dreams since moving here.”

Thankfully that is when Cat interrupted us, and whisked me away quickly. She told me she didn’t like the way I was looking at him, like I had fallen under a spell. I broke down and told her everything.   After about thirty minutes of her singing   Nightmare and Super Stud sitting in a tree K I S S I N G  she promised to help me figure out a way not only to discover what the weapon is, but how to reverse the effects.

This time next week I will finally have answers.

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